Video: How to Use the Alfa Romeo Giulia Tire Repair Kit

Alfa Romeo Tire Service Kit

A flat tire on the road is never a fun experience. The car must be jacked up by hand, heavy lug nuts must be loosened and removed, the spare tire placed on the wheel. Usually, the spare and jack are buried in the bottom of the trunk. A spare can weigh over 30 lbs. It can take a good physical effort to perform most of these tasks. Lug nuts are often difficult to loosen. There is always a risk that the car may slip off the jack, causing additional problems. Lug nuts must be tightened with a great deal of pressure. Alfa Romeo has come up with a solution to this unpleasant chore.

Do Alfa Romeo Vehicles come with a Tire Kit?

Many Alfa Romeo models now have a tire repair kit supplied with their cars. It dispenses with the need to raise the car, remove the flat tire or fit the spare on the wheel. The Alfa Romeo owner simply removes the small kit out of the trunk, attaches a hose to the wheel valve stem, fills the tire and drives off with a repaired tire. Sealant contained in the tire repair kit repairs the leak while the tire is inflated. In most cases, the tire is repaired for a sufficient amount of time to take to the dealer for a permanent repair.

What do I Do When I Get a Flat Tire?

The repair kit is self-contained with a small air compressor, a cartridge of sealant, rubber gloves for protection and instructions and warning labels. When the flat occurs, the driver simply:

  • Pulls off the road to a safe spot;
  • Places the vehicle in park and applies the parking brake;
  • Removes the tire repair kit from the trunk;
  • Attaches the sealant cartridge to the mini compressor;
  • Plug the compressor power cord into the power supply on the inside of the car;
  • Start the engine;
  • Turn the compressor on and check the pressure gauge on the compressor. When it reaches the desired pressure, turn off the compressor and disconnect all components.

A Few Additional Tips for Safety

Adding Air in Alfa Romeo Tire
  • The valve stem of the wheel should be as close to the ground as possible, so the filler tube can reach the valve while the compressor is on the ground. The vehicle will only need to be moved a foot or so if the valve must be repositioned;

  • Some types of leaks cannot be repaired with the kit. These include holes in the sidewalls of the tire, punctures more than ¼” wide or where there is damage to the tire or wheel due to driving while the tire is flat;

  • Make sure the vehicle is off the road as far as possible and is in a safe area to perform the operation;

  • After the tire has been filled and driven for about 5 miles, find a safe area to park the vehicle and check the pressure again;

  • Take the vehicle as soon as possible to our Alfa Romeo dealership for permanent repair.

Attention to a small detail such as roadside tire repair is one indicator of a car company that cares about the safety and comfort of its drivers. At Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale, we carry the same attention to detail and take the same pride in caring for the comfort and safety of our clients. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale and learn more of what we have to offer. After a visit, we are confident you will leave impressed.

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