5 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

How to Prepare Your Car for the Spring

When you own a vehicle, it is essential to care for it properly each season. Spring is an excellent time to care for your car before the hot weather arrives, and you can perform many vehicle repairs on your own. You can also bring your vehicle to an auto shop to have professional mechanics evaluate its interior components.

Spring Vehicle Care Tip 1: Check a Vehicle's Hoses and Belts

It is easy for you to lift the hood of your vehicle to inspect the belts or hoses visually for any damage. Do this during the daytime when you can look at the hoses and belts from all angles. You can also use a flashlight to inspect the belts and hoses to see if the items are degrading. Signs of degradation include discolorations, fraying or holes, and if you locate these problems, then take the vehicle to a mechanic so that she can change the hose or belt.

Spring Vehicle Care Tip 2: Check Your Vehicle's Lights

You should verify that all of your vehicle's lights are working optimally to make it easier for you to see the roads while driving along with ensuring that other drivers can view your car. It is better to check your vehicle's lights when it is dark outside, but you may need a friend to help you with this process. Your friend can stand behind your car at a distance as you are driving to see if the headlights, brake lights, and taillights are working correctly. If a bulb isn't working, then you should buy replacement light bulbs at a nearby store, or you can have a mechanic change the light bulbs.

Spring Vehicle Care Tip 3: Replace Your Vehicle's Wiper Blades

You never know when you might need to use your vehicle's wiper blades, so you should replace the rubber part of these items in the spring. You can find the correct size of wiper blades in your vehicle's manual, or you can use a ruler to measure the elements. When you are looking for wiper blades, most stores have large catalogs that list the different brands and models of vehicles so that you can buy the proper size. Don't forget to buy a new wiper blade for the back window of your car. Use the directions on the wiper blade product to remove the old wiper blade before putting the new one on your vehicle.

Spring Vehicle Care Tip 4: Add Air To Your Vehicle's Tires

You can save fuel and prevent accidents by having the right amount of air in your vehicle's tires. There are inexpensive tire pressure tools available, and you can keep one of these devices in your vehicle's glove compartment. To understand what amount of air to have in each tire of your car, check your vehicle's manual or read the label on the inside of your vehicle's driver door. You can add air to your vehicle's tires at a nearby gas station that has coin-operated air pump machines.

Spring Vehicle Care Tip 5: Change Your Vehicle’s Oil Filter and Oil

Automotive experts recommend changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle several times a year. You can buy the appropriate oil filter and oil at a store, but alternatively, you can take your car to the dealership for this maintenance task. By changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle, you can keep the engine and other internal components operating without overheating.

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