How is Alfa Romeo Redefining Affordable Performance?

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What does Affordable Performance Mean?

There is an old saying when it comes to cars. You can have cheap, fast or reliable; if you're lucky you can get two, but you never get all three.

Alfa Romeo felt differently, and they're out to prove that you can get a reasonably priced car with great performance and excellent reliability. But what does 'affordable performance' mean, really?

First, think about Europe. Most of the major European car-makers are from Northern Europe. Performance luxury brands from the North are English, German or Swedish; cold, practical and analytical. Performance from Northern Europe is based on formulas, physics models based on grip compared to inertia, weight-distribution, etc.

Now, think about Southern Europe, specifically Italy. The very concept of an Italian car brings forth the rousing imagery of fiery, passion fueling red cars flying down streets with abandon. Italy is known as the home of European motorsports, where no country has dominated major motorsports like Italian car companies have. Passions dominate practicality and fun is more important than a formulaic approach.

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Of course, the real fire-breathing performance brands of Italy tend to be dream cars; mouth-watering looks with eye-watering price tags. Remember the old saying about cheap, reliable and fast? In the past, Italian sports-cars had a reputation for just being fast.

Alfa Romeo is not painfully expensive. A well equipped Alfa Romeo Giulia is within the same price range as a well equipped full-sized Toyota or Honda. Unlike so many past Italian cars, Alfa Romeo is quietly earning a reputation as one of the most reliable performance luxury cars on the road.

So, how does Alfa Romeo produce an affordable performance car? How are they redefining what affordable performance even looks like?

It starts by redefining what can be considered a performance car. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has completely redefined the kind of agility and precision SUVs can offer their drivers. The Stelvio has replaced the common SUV experience of dull, numb driving dynamics with a fiery, fluid driving experience that belies belief.

Alfa Romeo further redefines affordable performance by removing the superfluous and unnecessary and focusing on what counts. Compared to the Alfa Romeo Giulia, there are cars with bigger engines and more advanced energy recovery systems, hybrid engines, etc... Realistically, none of those advanced features matter. The average driver on the average street will never exceed 20 mph over the speed limit.

The Giulia is designed not with a series of unnecessary science terms, but with a suspension system that produces phenomenal grip and a body shape that enhances aerodynamics to keep the car planted. The Alfa Romeo Giulia has excellent acceleration and reasonable top speed, but what sets it apart and makes it a true performance vehicle is its awe-inspiring grip. You probably won't get up to 85 mph on your daily commute unless you hit the highway; you can confidently turn into a corner at 45 mph and feel the car generously attack the corner.

Alfa Romeo is redefining affordable performance by offering a realistic type of performance. You can take an Alfa Romeo to any environment, from a track to a highway, or, ideally, to a winding mountain road, and the car will drive better than any other vehicle.

Why read about Alfa Romeo performance? Fiery Italian performance deserves to be driven, not expressed in words. Get your adrenaline pumping by heading to your local Alfa Romeo dealership and seeing an Alfa Romeo for yourself. Better yet, schedule a test drive today!

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