The Origins of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Fans of European-made cars are undoubtedly familiar with Alfa Romeo. After all, the manufacturer has been one of the leading names in the world of sports cars and auto racing for nearly 100 years. However, the truth is that the average American probably knows very little about Alfa Romeo. Although a small number of Alfa Romeo vehicles used to be available in the US, the manufacturer withdrew back to Europe in the mid-90s. Luckily, Fiat-Chrysler has once again brought these beloved cars back across the Atlantic so that Americans can again experience what it’s like to drive what it often referred to as one of the world’s boldest car brands.

The Italian Origins of Alfa Romeo

The story of Alfa Romeo dates back more than 100 years. The company was founded in Naples, Italy as A.L.F.A in 1910 and then changed its name to Alfa Romeo in 1915 after being purchased by Italian businessman Nicola Romeo. Although Alfa Romeo itself did quite well financially in part due to its huge success in the racing world, its Italian parent company suffered big losses and was forced to sell off the brand to Fiat in 1986.

Fiat itself is also an Italian company, which meant that the Alfa Romeo brand was allowed to remain at home in Italy. In fact, all Alfa Romeo models the company currently produces are assembled at one of three Italian production facilities.

The 2018 Alfa Romeo lineup consists of three models—Giulia, Stelvio and 4C. The Giulia and Stelvio are both produced at the Fiat-Chrysler plant in Piedimonti San Germano, while the 4C is assembled at Fiat’s Maserati production facility in Modena.

Bringing Alfa Romeo Back to the US

Although Fiat first brought a small number of Alfa Romeo vehicles to the US again in 2008, demand for the vehicles has really started to take off in recent times. In fact, 2017 is predicted to be the brand’s best ever year in the US in terms of total sales by a good margin even if the final numbers aren’t in yet. Add to this the recent release of the 2018 Stelvio, Alfa Romeo’s first-ever SUV offering, and fans of the Italian brand have plenty to be excited about. Further adding to this is the fact that MotorTrend named the 2018 Giulia its Car of the Year, which shows just how huge strides the Italian manufacturer is currently making in the country.

Of course, the real reason behind the huge increase in sales and all of the attention and awards is the fact that the new 2018 Alfa Romeo lineup absolutely excels in every important category. Impressive list of safety features? Check. Gorgeous, eye-catching style? Check. Outstanding power, performance and reliability? Check.

There really is nothing not to love about any of the 2018 Alfa Romeo vehicles. Still, there’s no reason to just take our word for it. Instead, why not visit us at Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale, where you can take any or all of our new models for a test drive. This way you can get a real first-hand glimpse at the definition of precision Italian engineering and stunning Italian style.

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