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If you drive a high-end, head-turning car like an Alfa Romeo, you naturally want to keep it clean. You can wash your car by yourself or take it to our service center for faster service. Getting a professional wash is highly recommended at the end of the winter season when salt, sand, and other residues from the road has probably gotten caked on to your car's undercarriage. If your car has dings and scratches, you might need a professional's help restoring the body. Otherwise, washing a car yourself be rewarding.

How Do I Know What to Look For?

Before you start washing your car, experts recommend assessing the car's condition. If it only has a little bit of dust or dirt on the surface but otherwise looks clean, a simple soap-and-water wash might be all that's needed. For a light wash, you can skip the wax and polish. If the car is very dirty or if your vehicle is older, the paint may need a more comprehensive cleaning regimen.

As you're purchasing products to wash your car (or pulling them down from the garage shelf), make sure to read the label first to ensure the ingredients won't harm your car. The label also provides instructions for proper use. Then, get three buckets ready. One should contain soap and water to wash the vehicle. The next should have just plain water for cleaning the mitt as you wash. The third should have soap and water (and even a separate mitt) for washing the wheels and tires, which can get quite dirty.

Is It Okay to Wash a Very Dirty Car By Hand?

Clean Alfa Romeo Interior

When you start washing your car, rinse it off first with a hose and clear water. This removes dirt and debris stuck to the car's paint. Then, wash the car inch-by-inch with your soap and water mixture. The soap should be made specifically for use on a car, however, as using regular soap (like dish soap) can damage the car's paint. After you've washed the car with soap and water, hose it off again with regular water. This removes the soap and prevents it from leaving streaks and marks on your vehicle. You can use a soft cloth or microfiber towel to dry the car more quickly. As you go along, check the surface for scratches and chips. If they are pronounced, you may need to use a clay bar or compound to remove them. If this doesn't help, take your car to our service center for evaluation and paint repairs. If you've determined that your car could use a finish of wax or polish (or both), now is the time to apply them.

How Do I Clean My Tires?

In addition to the body of the vehicle itself, don't forget to wash the tires and wheels. If the windows and windshield look dirty, be sure to clean them off too, inside and out. The cleaners that you use for the wheels should be made specifically for that kind of wheel. When you clean the windows, be sure to use a cleaner designed for cleaning a car window. Using a regular window cleaner can damage the surface.

With a bit of preparation and by using the right products, cleaning your car at home can be quite simple and cost-effective. There are a few exceptions when it's best to bring your vehicle into a professional car wash, including right after winter, to thoroughly clean and protect the underbody. To learn more about keeping your Alfa Romeo in top shape, just get in touch with our dealership for expert advice.

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