Alfa Romeo SpiderHaving genuine Italian heritage, the Alfa Romeo Spider is best known for its lightweight, agile and flamboyant design. Having a Formula 1-inspired platform, this two-seat roadster is ready to turn some heads on the highway.


A Luxurious Roadster on the Highway

Displacing only 1.7 L, the Alfa Romeo Spider's standard 1.7 L engine block whips out approximately 240 horsepower. Carrying the 4C badge, this compact powertrain cranks out just less than 260 pound-feet at RPM levels above 2,200. It takes this sporty roadster 4.1 seconds to reach a cruising speed of 60 MPH after takeoff on a paved surface. A turning radius of slightly more than 20 feet makes this two-door car extremely agile in tight corners. With its curb weight of about 2,500 pounds contributes to the swift and powerful capabilities of the Spider, which rolls on a rear-wheel drive. A sport-tuned suspension system with a sway bar adds extra rigidity to the relatively lightweight body. In fact, this coupe has a carbon fiber chassis with the Monocoque design. When it comes to performance, the Spider is closely matched by the Audi TTS Coupe, which also runs on a turbocharged engine. However, this German-designed model has the Quattro AWD instead of a conventional RWD that's quite common in most roadsters. In terms of acceleration and overall handling, this Alfa Romeo model has a recognizable advantage on the road.

Operating on dual modes, the Spider's Akrapovic exhaust system includes center-mounted tips with a polished finish for extra appeal. Covered in covered, the dual exhaust pipes produce distinct acoustics when you depress the accelerator. This cool Alfa Romeo model also has awesome interior features, such as a racing-type steering wheel that's covered in microfiber for an enhanced grip. Red stitches are beautifully integrated into this ergonomic steering wheel, which also has the exclusive Speed Control. This sophisticated technology assumes command of the car when you take the hands off the steering wheel. As expected of a high-performance roadster, the Spider gets maximum shifting leverage from dual clutches in a transmission system. As a convertible model with a sleek design, the BMW Z4 can also be fairly compared to the Spider. However, this German-made model is a bit sluggish compared to the Italian legend. In terms of output, the Z4's TwinPower turbo engine matches the capabilities of the Spider's 1.7 L engine block. However, the Alfa DNA Pro Drive Mode Selector offers a truly custom experience on the road that very few other roadsters can replicate.

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