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Alfa Romeo Aims To Be All-Electric by 2027

Alfa Romeo Lineup 
Alfa Romeo is an Italian automaker that's known for its luxury vehicles and sports cars. The company was founded over 110 years ago. The history of this company is intertwined with racing. This is why Alfa Romeo vehicles have always been built with performance in mind. Traditionally, high performance has meant large gasoline engines. This makes it even more notable that Alfa Romeo plans on going all-electric by 2027.
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Does Alfa Romeo Make an Electric Car?

Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Electric Vehicle  

Alfa Romeo is always good to bring some Italian flair into any project they undertake. Now the brand is adding an electric vehicle to their long portfolio of luxury. The new Tonale was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show. Since then, we've learned a lot about what the model has to offer. We expect the new Tonale will do up everything in a big way. For those who want something different, the Tonale is a perfect choice.

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Alfa Romeo Shows Off Concept Plug-In Hybrid

Concept Plug-In Hybrid

What does a plug-in hybrid look like in Italian style? Well, if you go and check out the Alfa Romeo Tonale, you will see how the Italian automakers took the concept of the plug-in hybrid. When they first unveiled it at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, it was the first time that it had ever been seen. This crossover has smaller dimensions than the Stelvio, but you still have a great vehicle that gets better gas mileage.

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