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5 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

How to Prepare Your Car for the Spring

When you own a vehicle, it is essential to care for it properly each season. Spring is an excellent time to care for your car before the hot weather arrives, and you can perform many vehicle repairs on your own. You can also bring your vehicle to an auto shop to have professional mechanics evaluate its interior components.

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Video: How to Use the Alfa Romeo Giulia Tire Repair Kit

Alfa Romeo Tire Service Kit

A flat tire on the road is never a fun experience. The car must be jacked up by hand, heavy lug nuts must be loosened and removed, the spare tire placed on the wheel. Usually, the spare and jack are buried in the bottom of the trunk. A spare can weigh over 30 lbs. It can take a good physical effort to perform most of these tasks. Lug nuts are often difficult to loosen. There is always a risk that the car may slip off the jack, causing additional problems. Lug nuts must be tightened with a great deal of…

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