2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Infotainment  

The Alfa Romeo infotainment system makes driving safer, easier, and more fun. You'll find many valuable features on the infotainment system, such as audio controls, USB support, auxiliary source, and Bluetooth connectivity. The infotainment supports your mobile device and features such as phone call recognition and a text message reader.

The infotainment system is easy to set up and use. It contains a graphic keyboard that makes it easy to look for a phone number, get directions, and use the navigation system. You can use the touchscreen to find the information you need just by using your finger along with the keypad. A rotary pad is also included in the infotainment system so that you can search for and select information on demand.

The infotainment system lets you set up the radio settings and store your favorite radio stations for easy access when you want to listen to tunes. You can also use the manual tuning mechanism to search for any AM or FM radio station you want to listen to. Regardless of whether you're listening to the radio on-demand or through a preset setting, the infotainment display screen shows information about the artist, radio station, and album and track name if you are listening to a CD or syncing the infotainment system with an app such as iTunes or Spotify.

Front of 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia  

Your Alfa Romeo also comes with a USB charging port that you can use for pairing with your smartphone or an iPod device. Pairing a Bluetooth device with the infotainment system is relatively simple. All that's required is first activating the Bluetooth function on your phone or other compatible devices. You will then open the main menu on the infotainment system, which you can find through the 'Home' button.

Next, you'll select the 'Infotainment' button followed by the phone and Bluetooth settings. You'll be prompted to add a device, at which point you'll add in the name of your phone or another device that you're using for Bluetooth pairing. As with the radio settings, you can store information about your phone or Bluetooth device on the infotainment system for convenience.

The infotainment system also offers phone pairing and support. From the touchscreen, you can make and receive phone calls safely without using your hands. You can also access apps and features on your phone, such as directions and music. The infotainment system can also read your text messages so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road.

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