Alfa Romeo vehicles now come with HomeLink, a device that allows the driver or passenger to control parts of their home, like the security system, the lights, and the garage door. It allows you to perform different actions from right inside the vehicle. One of the more basic functions is the garage door opener. Here is how to program and set up your Alfa Romeo garage door opener with HomeLink.

Programming the Alfa Romeo HomeLink garage door opener works similarly to how you would set up a traditional clicker. But before you get started, though, it is always a good idea to take the proper precautions when working with a garage door. Be sure to clear the area of any children or pets. And it's also recommended that you work with the car parked outside of the garage. Before you start programming your Alfa Romeo HomeLink garage door opener, make sure that the batteries are in the remote control. Then, turn on the ignition while being careful not to turn on the engine. As a precaution, especially if you are doing this with the vehicle inside the garage, you can apply the handbrake as well.

Now, you can start programming your HomeLink device. You'll see three buttons on the device. The first step is to press and hold down the two outside buttons until the light starts blinking rapidly. The next step is to hold the remote control directly in front of the HomeLink transmitter and press and hold both the transmitter button and the HomeLink device button you wish to program at the same time. While holding both buttons down, the light will begin to blink slowly. When it starts blinking rapidly, it means the button has been successfully programmed. The last step is to press the HomeLink device button, which you have just programmed. If the light stays constant, then the programming is complete.

If the light blinks rapidly and turns into a solid light, then an additional step is required. You must access the garage door drive and press the "smart" or "learn" button located on the back of the motorhead. Then you can go back into your vehicle and press the same HomeLink device button that you pressed before.

Setting up your Alfa Romeo HomeLink device garage door opener is simple and can be programmed very quickly. If you would like to learn more about this, contact us or visit our dealership today.

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