Alfa Romeo is an Italian automaker that is known for its luxury vehicles. They offer a wide array of vehicle types, including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. Alfa Romeo provides quality, luxury, and impressive performance. Most luxury vehicles will come equipped with convenience features such as adaptive cruise control. Alfa Romeo is no exception here.

Some may be wondering what precisely adaptive cruise control is. Others may question how it is different from older forms of cruise control. Adaptive cruise control uses smart technology to keep pace with the vehicle in front of you. This technology is a great feature to have on long car rides, especially on highways where the driver needs to keep a consistent speed.

The Alfa Romeo system uses a radar sensor behind the front bumper. This sensor works in tandem with a camera in the upper windshield. To activate the adaptive cruise control or ACC for short, look for a button on your steering wheel. Once engaged, a notification light will show up on the instrument cluster. Next, accelerate to the speed that you wish to maintain.

Once you reach your desired speed, you can then push the SET switch on the steering wheel. You can now remove your foot from the gas pedal. The Alfa Romeo vehicle will cruise along at this speed until the system detects a car in front of you. To increase or decrease the speed, you can click the SET switch up or down. This switch adjusts the speed in increments of 1 mile per hour.

If you need to speed up or slow down in a hurry, holding the SET switch down changes the speed in increments of 5 miles per hour. Tapping your brakes shuts off the automatic speed control. A RES button on the steering wheel allows the driver to resume at the previously saved speed if needed. Saved speeds can be erased with the ON/OFF button or by turning off the vehicle's engine.

Drivers can set different distances for how far or near they wish to follow traffic. It starts at a default distance. This distance can be decreased each time you push the DISTANCE button, which again is located on the steering wheel. An icon on the instrument cluster shows the current settings. When the vehicle ahead of you slows down, the distance icon will change colors to white. Your car will continue to maintain the chosen distance.

Adaptive cruise control makes long commutes or road trips a lot easier to handle. It's a convenience feature that any Alfa Romeo driver should consider. For more information on ACC, please contact the friendly staff here at our dealership. Stop by to check out an Alfa Romeo in person.