Alfa Romeo Lineup  

Alfa Romeo is an Italian automaker that's known for its luxury vehicles and sports cars. The company was founded over 110 years ago. The history of this company is intertwined with racing. This is why Alfa Romeo vehicles have always been built with performance in mind. Traditionally, high performance has meant large gasoline engines. This makes it even more notable that Alfa Romeo plans on going all-electric by 2027.

Alfa Romeo is currently owned by its parent company, Stellantis. Alfa Romeo vehicles were not always available in North America. They were brought back to U.S. markets in 2008. Stellantis has brought about many forward-thinking changes. One of these is the introduction of more SUVs and crossover models to meet the changing demands of the North American market.

This forward-thinking modernization has lead to the decision to go all-electric in the near future. Many changes in EU regulations seem to be swaying automakers in this direction. As always, Alfa Romeo will help to lead the way. As many other companies move in this direction, no one else predicts a complete changeover by 2027. This could mean Alfa Romeo will have the first all-electric showrooms in America.

Stellantis is already developing several EV platforms. These could be the base for the modern Alfa Romeo vehicles going forward. This will be an exciting new era for the brand, its parent company, and dealerships worldwide. Not only will Alfra Romeo be known for luxury, performance, and quality, they will be known for their efficiency and environmental awareness.