Baby surrounded by love  

HopeKids in Scottsdale

When a child is born, the parents and everyone in the community celebrate that moment with a wish. The wish is that the child will be healthy and continue to grow into a strong, thriving little person. We all wish life worked that way, but it doesn't. Sometimes children are born healthy and then become sick; other times, children are born with a life-threatening medical condition. HopeKids is a non-profit organization in Scottsdale that seeks to serve children who have these life-threatening medical conditions. Families also benefit from the work of HopeKids.

What HopeKids Does for Kids and Families

HopeKids has a five-area mission statement that drives them in their work. They work with these five things in mind:

  1. Hope & Anticipation
  2. Family Focus
  3. Community & Support
  4. Safety & Acceptance
  5. Economic Support

This non-profit uses research to drive forward its mission in each of these areas to help families who need to address complex problems in multiple areas of life. At the heart of their mission always, though, is the hope that families have for their children to grow up and be a thriving part of the community one day. These life-threatening conditions cause pain and hardship for children at this stage of life, but with the right economic support, healthcare, and love and compassion, there are many success stories in the HopeKids line.

The families who work with this organization have many inspirational stories to tell about how they've benefited from the programs set forth by HopeKids. Kids themselves know how much it means to have someone working tirelessly on your side during a rough time in life. Some of their most powerful programs include the HopeDay program, a day when the charity pays for kids to do fun things like attend concerts or visit museums. The HopeCommunity program puts together events that inspire hope for families.

Where To Learn More

If you'd like to explore the work of HopeKids, please take the time to visit their website for more information about the dedicated group of non-profit workers who make life better for children with life-threatening conditions. Their economic support, love, kindness, and annual missions continue to propel this non-profit forward and make it one of the most inspirational stories in Scottsdale.