Giulia Apple Carplay  

Alpha Romeo has included Apple CarPlay connectivity in the design of their Giulia model. This feature provides you with access to your iPhone apps such as Google Maps navigation, Spotify, iTunes, and much more. You’ll be able to view these apps through your infotainment screen, and you can utilize voice commands through Siri for a safe and hands-free experience. You can even make phone calls and send text messages without your hands ever having to leave the steering wheel.

Enabling Apple CarPlay On Your iPhone

To utilize Apple CarPlay in your Giulia, you’ll need to have an iPhone, version 5 or newer, with your iOS updated to 7.1 or newer. You’ll need to make sure that you have the ‘Press Home for Siri’ option selected on your phone as well as Apple CarPlay enabled. These features are listed under the settings / allowed apps area of your phone.

Connecting Your iPhone to Your USB Port

In your Giulia, you’ll have a USB port near your dashboard/center console. You’ll need to connect your iPhone to your vehicle using this port and a Lightning to USB cable. Your iPhone will prompt you to select ‘Allow’ to utilize CarPlay while your phone is locked. You should then see Apple CarPlay show up on your infotainment screen.

Utilizing Siri

If you would like to use your virtual assistant to place calls, send text messages, get directions or play music while you’re driving, you’ll simply need to hold down the talk button that is on your steering wheel. You should then hear the Siri tone, and you can speak your directions.

If you’re having any issues with your Apple CarPlay feature while driving your Alfa Romeo Giulia, contact Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale for assistance. Our service department is staffed with knowledgeable technicians that can walk you through the process of setting up your Apple CarPlay feature.