Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

Your vehicle has probably seen a lot of wear and tear over the summer. You're probably also thinking about all the trips and activities that you want to plan for this summer. Now that the temperatures outside are going up, we here at Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale encourage you to bring your vehicle into our service center for some spring service. In the meantime, we have some spring auto maintenance tips that we would like to share with you.

Service for Your Steering and Suspension

A lot of potholes can develop over the winter due to fluctuating temperatures. When you drive over them, this can damage your steering and suspension systems. If you have noticed that your vehicle seems to be pulling to one side when you're driving, this is an alignment issue that should be addressed to protect your suspension. A mechanic at our service center can help diagnose and repair any problems.

Air Conditioning Service

You're about to rely heavily on your air conditioning system in your vehicle as the temperatures rise in Scottsdale. You can turn it on now to see if it works, but you can also come in for an A/C inspection and routine maintenance. We'll check to see if your air conditioning is functioning at the appropriate temperature, as well as change any cabin air filters that contribute to the indoor air quality inside of your vehicle.

Repairing Exterior Damage

Chunks of ice, road salt, and debris from the road may have caused exterior damage to your vehicle. It's important to have these dents repaired now before they lead to rust and devaluation of your vehicle. We have a number of knowledgeable body repair professionals that can make your vehicle look brand new again.

Emergency Kit Inspection

Your chance of needing an emergency roadside kit in the spring and summer months decreases this time of year, but this is the perfect time to assess everything that you have packed into your vehicle right now. Check the expiration dates of food items. See if you need to replenish any flares or tools. You'll be ready for next winter!

Cleaning Your Interior

If you've neglected the interior of your vehicle for the winter, get out the vacuum and wipe down all of your surfaces. You can also pay to have professional interior detailing performed.

Reach out to us here at Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale if you're interested in scheduling an appointment for spring maintenance and service. We can also provide you with some additional spring service tips that you may be interested in learning more about.

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