All-New Giulia and Stelvio Estrema  

Recently, the Alfa Rome brand has announced that new vehicles from them will be coming out, including the new Giulia and Stelvio Exstrema. Many people are looking forward to the upcoming Quadrifoglio. These vehicles will give people something to look forward to in-between.

New Vehicles

The Stelvio and the Giulia already exist as a sporting vehicle, but new versions will improve upon them. Both vehicles will have advanced systems like the Alfa Active Suspension to ensure a smooth ride. This way, you will end up with both a lot of power and a lot of maneuverability, all while sticking with a comfortable ride.

Both vehicles will have carbon fiber veneers on their grille and mirror caps. There will be further aesthetic editions, such as dark alloy wheels. For example, the new Giulia has 19-inch wheels while the Stelvio has 21-inch ones. You can also get an extra wheel package if you have the Estrema. This adds a wider wheel option for the sports vehicle.

You can also have options like black leather trim and red stitching. More features include the dual-pane sunroof, the 14 speakers Harman Kardon audio system, as well as wireless phone charging. There's no doubt that these vehicles are made for comfort, including all of their power.

You also get the active cruise control as well as auto emergency braking and lane departure warning, all standard. More systems are available as an option if you get the Active Assist Plus package. Plus, there are first limited-edition models to get one-of-a-kind items as well.


Some of the specs for these 2021 vehicles include around 280 horsepower. The Giulia gets the rear-wheel drive standard, but you can add all-wheel drive if you prefer. The Stelvio only has the all-wheel drive option. This means you should go for the Giulia if you prefer to have more options for which one you want when it comes to how much power is coming into which wheels.

There will be four different colors you can get, including White, Misano Blue, Alfa Rosso, or Vulcano Black.

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