Alfa Romeo Celebrates Quadrifoglio's 100th Anniversary  

Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Alfa Romeo's iconic Quadrifoglio - the storied symbol of their Italian heritage and craftsmanship, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Quadrifoglio was originally designed in 1921 and has been known as the symbol of Italian excellence ever since.

This anniversary marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the Quadrifoglio story. It is a celebration of the old but also a symbol of the new and innovative, which is the core of Alfa Romeo's philosophy.

The Quadrifoglio's History

The Quadrifoglio has been a staple of Alfa Romeo's designs for nearly a century. It has been the brand's symbol of the highest-quality craftsmanship, and it was first depicted in Alfa Romeo's racing logo in 1923. The four-leaf clover has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout its history, but it always held a special place with Alfa Romeo fans.

Created by Enzo Ferrari, the Quadrifoglio originated as an idea to capture the essence of Alfa Romeo. He used a four-leaf clover to represent luck, performance, and modernity. Over time, the Quadrifoglio symbolized victory and success in racing and road vehicles.

The Quadrifoglio was first associated with the victory of Ugo Sivocci at the 1923 Targa Florio road race. He was driving an Alfa Romeo RL and adorned it with a large four-leaf clover symbolizing a good-luck charm. Following this success, it became a tradition to accompany Alfa Romeo's cars with the iconic Quadrifoglio symbol.

During World War II, the use of the Quadrifoglio was temporarily halted due to the Italian dictatorships' restrictions on civil Symbols. However, the Quadrifoglio was revived after the war ended, and by 1949 Alfa Romeo had incorporated the symbol into the brand's race logo.

Today, the Quadrifoglio is an internationally-recognizable symbol of Alfa Romeo's commitment to excellence. As a badge of excellence, Alfa Romeo has decorated their cars with the Quadrifoglio since 1921, the brand's official logo.

Design and Performance of the Quadrifoglio

The Quadrifoglio has always had an iconic design and unparalleled performance. Its four-leaf clover design is a timeless symbol of innovation and excellence, and its performance lives up to this lofty ideal. With powerful engines and sharp styling, the Quadrifoglio continues to exemplify the quintessential Alfa Romeo experience. Check out the new Quadrifoglio to experience the thrill of Italian engineering.

The Quadrifoglio's Formula for Perfection

The Quadrifoglio perfectly represents Alfa Romeo's commitment to quality and performance. The four-leaf clover design is a symbol of precision and excellence, showing the brand's commitment to creating the world's most advanced and perfect cars. Alfa Romeo believes that Quadrifoglio's formula of perfection is achieved by finding the perfect combination of power, luxury, and style in every car. Their promise of excellence has kept the Quadrifoglio emblem as an integral part of their brand even after 100 years.


For 100 years, the Quadrifoglio has been the symbol of Italian excellence, representing the highest level of performance, craftsmanship, and innovation. At our dealership, we're proud to carry the legacy of the Quadrifoglio and celebrate its 100th anniversary. Come visit us today to learn more about Alfa Romeo's Quadrifoglio and its commitment to perfecting the art of driving.