What You Need to Know About the Alfa Romeo 8C

In the U.S., the Alfa Romeo 8C is a vehicle that is a bit of a mystery. Ten years ago, the 8c Competizione arrived, but in a very small number of units. The market wasn’t really ready for the exotic car market. The Alfa Romeo 8c is making a bit of a return by way of a 700-hp, all-wheel-drive model that can achieve 0 to 62 miles per hour in under 3 seconds. This is a vehicle that’s getting some interest in the U.S.

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Which Alfa Romeo Vehicles are AWD

Alfa Romeo Vehicles with AWD

Elegance and Stability Come Together With Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has a racing heritage going all the way back to 1911. Its history runs deep, and the brand has successfully competed in many different categories of motorsport. In 1995 Alfa Romeo ceased exporting cars to the United States, but in 2008 the company marked its return with the 8C coupe. Today, Alfa Romeo has arguably some of the most beautifully designed cars on the road. 

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Alfa Romeo Shows Off Concept Plug-In Hybrid

Concept Plug-In Hybrid

What does a plug-in hybrid look like in Italian style? Well, if you go and check out the Alfa Romeo Tonale, you will see how the Italian automakers took the concept of the plug-in hybrid. When they first unveiled it at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, it was the first time that it had ever been seen. This crossover has smaller dimensions than the Stelvio, but you still have a great vehicle that gets better gas mileage.

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The Best Way to Wash and Care For Your Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Lineup Clean

If you drive a high-end, head-turning car like an Alfa Romeo, you naturally want to keep it clean. You can wash your car by yourself or take it to our service center for faster service. Getting a professional wash is highly recommended at the end of the winter season when salt, sand, and other residues from the road has probably gotten caked on to your car's undercarriage. If your car has dings and scratches, you might need a professional's help restoring the body. Otherwise, washing a car yourself be rewarding.

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