Alfa Romeo Brake Service Video

Your luxury sports car can go, but what about stop? Check out this video to learn about signs that indicate when your brakes need a checkup.

Stopping power is among the most important aspects of driving  safety and performance, so when your Alfa Romeo is due for brake service in the  Phoenix area, make sure you visit  our shop for a superior car maintenance experience. Here are a few tips  regarding brake maintenance for your luxury sports car.


If there ever comes a time when you notice that your car  pedal feels spongy or soft, it could mean that there is air in the brake lines.  Our Alfa Romeo brake service center in Scottsdale can assist by bleeding the  air from the brake lines, and you can trust that our shop has the  state-of-the-art equipment and certified technicians to get the job done right.


When a car's brake rotors are warped, it can lead to a  feeling of vibration or pulling when the brake pedal is engaged. Pulling is  sometimes also the result of a stuck brake caliper or badly worn brake pads. In  addition, both pulling and vibration may be due to tires or alignment, so bring  your car to our auto repair center for a professional diagnosis if you  experience either.


We recommend having your car brake pads checked annually  to monitor their condition. Skip checkups and you may one day hear a squealing  when you press the brake pedal, which is the sound of the brake wear indicator.

Avoiding brake pad replacement can be dangerous, so don't  wait to make an appointment with us if you hear this sound. When neglected,  there's a risk of scoring your car's brake rotor discs. If you are currently in  need of new OEM brake pads for your Alfa Romeo 4C or Giulia, contact our team.


Disc Brakes and PadsGetting regular brake fluid flushes is important to the  health of your sports car's brake system. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, so it  collects moisture from the air. When it becomes too contaminated, or "wet," it's  ineffective at doing its job. If you want to prevent brake system corrosion and  rust production, as well as potential brake system failure, have your brake  fluid checked annually and replace it when recommended by your mechanic.

Local Brake Shop near  Me

If you're the owner of a luxury car like an Alfa Romeo  and you're wondering, "Where's a good brake shop near me," our sports car  repair center in the Phoenix area is the place to go. Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale  is proud to offer a full-service auto repair department with certified mechanics,  top-of-the-line equipment and OEM Alfa Romeo parts, including, of course,  premium sports car brakes!

While you're on our website, take a moment to view our  service specials to see if our latest offers include any Alfa Romeo brake  service coupons.

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